Health care is changing. This requires new strategies, technologies and concepts, so that the possibilities of medicine are used precisely. The unflinching look at those who benefit from our work at the end - the people - open up the IQ.medworks® innovations in healthcare. In Think Tank principle, sustainable and future-oriented concepts and projects are developed interdisciplinary and are implemented with all components for practical use.

eHealth | Next Generation Medicine

The medical healthcare of the population requires the future construction of new infrastructures on the one hand, and the willingness to new models of thinking on the other hand.

Emergency medical services

The health system and the structure of public emergency care are changing. New and higher qualifications are also in focus as the systematic analysis of structural data.

Contingency management

The unimaginable thinking. Before it enters and structures, be prepared for it. Modern emergency rescue can no longer function without including structured decision-making processes.

IQ.thinkworks | Think Tank

One of the central challenges of the future will be the balance between safety and risk or agility and stability. This is true for health care and the sense of security of the citizens alike.

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